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Fast and Accurate Alarms for Price and Custom Indicator

Supports over 40 Japanese Candlestick Pattern

Supports over 2,000 pairs including spot and futures on Binance


Supports combine Indicators (Adxw, ichimoku, ma, macd)

Supports popular market (forex, stocks, synthetic indices)

Custom Alert Sounds

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our Price Alarm keeps you ahead of the market and helps you buy or sell at your preferred price. The Custom Indicators support a variety of indicators for both beginners and advanced traders. Indicators supported are: Adxw, Ichimoku, , ma, macd, atr, Rsi, Stochastic, Parabolic, SAR, BB, amongst others.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime through the billing portal.

Different traders have different trading styles or methods. For those traders who rely on a variety of indicators to confirm an entry or exist level, we’ve got you covered with indicators. Traders have the flexibility of customizing these indicators to suit their trade pattern. Each tier differs from the next tier with an increase in the number of indicators and alerts based on your custom indicator.

Once purchase has been made, user is expected to do the following:

• Download and install our price alert app on an android mobile device.

• Add the User ID (located on the subscription page of the installed app) on your dashboard for activation to be completed. Activation can take up to 24 hours.

Mentorship program is free for subscribed users. All that is needed is to book a Tutorial Session on your dashboard, and you will receive a feedback on your registered email address.

Yes, you have a first 7 days’ free trial.

You can join the telegram discussion group to know more about how to use the Price Alarm and Custom Indicator App. Click to join https://t.me/forex_indicator_alarm_discussion.


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